The Baths of Bormio | Roma to Sonoma

Bormio, Italy is only a few hours from Milan, just south of the Swiss border and smack dab in the middle of the Alps.  The natural hot springs – the Bagni di Bormio (the Baths of Bormio) have been in continuous use for thousands of years. Throughout the ages the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and European royalty regularly flocked there to “take the waters”.
The Hotel Bagni Vecchi (Old Baths) is a smaller, cozier, and more traditional Valtellina mountain style hotel, while the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi (New Baths) is a sumptuous mid-19th century Victorian extravaganza, replete with grand dining and dancing halls, and Murano glass chandeliers throughout.


The hotel built the spas around the terme (natural hot springs), meticulously preserving the original Roman baths but also enhancing them by adding a subterranean spa that boasts modern cedar saunas and mineral water Jacuzzis. The trump card of the terme is an outdoor Roman thermal pool perched up against the mountain that looks out over the ski slopes and picturesque Alpine valley. Add to this the charming town of Bormio itself and it comes as no surprise at all that the Bagni di Bormio have been popular for centuries.
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