Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu | Roma to Sonoma

Traveling from Sonoma to Roma

Traveling from Sonoma to Roma

The taxi arrived right on time before dawn.   After I said a last sad goodbye to my 5-pound muppet, Rocco, I pulled my well-packed luggage down the long, dark drive to the waiting car and loaded myself inside.  The next stop is Lila’s house on the Old Redwood Highway before we zoom off to Sonoma County Airport, then San Francisco Airport, then Atlanta Airport, then Rome. We are off on another wine & food travel adventure.

We’ve dubbed this one “The Magnificent Food & Wine Tour of Puglia and Sicily“.

Lila scoping out a wine bar in Rome, Italy during her travels a few years ago

Lila, scoping out a wine bar in Rome during her travels a few years ago.

Lila is putting together her first food & wine travel vacation to these regions and I’m writing several articles on Southern Italian wine for some Napa Valley publications.  And there’s also the need for more research for that book I’m writing which is based in Sicily, so there are lots of things to accomplish.  To quote Winnie the Pooh, “It’s so much friendlier with two.” So we organized our schedules in order to take the two-week adventure together.  Neither Rocco nor Lila’s husband seem to be as excited as we are about it, but what can we do? We are les papillons. 

We’ve got a packed travel itinerary of wine tastings, restaurant tastings, cooking classes, olive oil tastings, and a sprinkling of beach days for fun.  I’ve lived in both regions and love them so much that I’m brimming over with excitement to return.  Stay tuned for insights into these amazing, less-traveled regions of Italia.

The Muppet

The Muppet, Rocco

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