Layne developed the Membership by Spire Education Series, which has been included in each club shipment since 2018. This is an amazing series that requires much research and many rewrites, and each edition is fresh and new, and incredibly engaging. This piece alone brings so much more value to our club shipments, and it is all due to Layne. She also understands each brands’ voice (she’s responsible for 20+ brands) and brand standards and can tailor each piece of communication correctly. Year over year, revenues from email campaigns continue to increase.”

Gina Lebbert, Director of DTC Operations (& direct supervisor), The Spire Collection, Santa Rosa, California

“If I only had more Laynes on board creating content, my job as an editor would be a snap. Pareto’s Law: 20% of your people create 80% of your solutions. Layne is part of that essential 20%.”

GB Bernardini, Editor-In-Chief, Italian Notebook, Rome, Italy

“Layne is an excellent writer. Everything she submits is well written and requires almost zero editings for spelling, grammar, and style guidelines. She makes my job easy!”

Laura Larson, Editor, Napa Valley Life Magazine, St. Helena, California